Saul Bellow: Letters

Saul Bellow: Letters

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, three National Book awards, and the Nobel Prize in Literature, Saul Bellow wrote marvelously acute, unsparing, tender, ferocious, hilarious, and wise letters throughout his long life (1915-2005). Friends, lovers, wives, colleagues, and fans all cross these pages. Some of the finest letters are to Bellow’s fellow writers–William Faulkner, John Cheever, Lionel Trilling, Stanley Elkin, Philip Roth, Alfred Kazin, Martin Amis, Ralph Ellison, Karl Shapiro, James Salter, Allan Bloom, Cynthia Ozick and others. Intimate, ironical, rueful and amused, this vast self-portrait–indeed, the autobiography Bellow never wrote–shows the influcences at work in the man and illuminate his enduring legacy–the novels and short stories that earned him a Nobel Prize and the admiration of the world over. Saul Bellow: Letters is a major literary event and an important edition to Bellow’s incomparable body of work.


“It comes as no surprise to find that the great novelist was a great correspondent as well. I hungrily read the book through in three nights, as though I’d stumbled upon a lost Bellow masterpiece only recently unearthed.”
—Philip Roth

“In the Letters, as in everything else he wrote, Saul Bellow never dipped below a certain level–and that level is stratospheric.”
—Martin Amis

Saul Bellow: Letters is a treasure trove. It’s fascinating to see one of our great American writers take form.”
—Nathan Englander

“Bellow’s sheer brio, his occasional feuds and deep friendships, his unquenchable enthusiasm for being human, and his incomparable prose, make this collection of letters an absolute must for anyone who is remotely interested in American literature of the 20th century.”
Financial Times

“…the letters of Saul Bellow take on a breathtaking beauty and shattering gravity…Feisty, smart, but most of all thrillingly intimate, these letters ripen and mature as they go along.”
Chicago Tribune

“There’s so much going on here, such swift and impassioned dialogue between the spiritual and the physical, the place and those who inhabit it, that, as so often in his books, we can only gasp in joyful wonder. ”
—Gabriel Josipovici, Wall Street Journal

“Taylor has selected and edited and annotated these letters with exquisite judgment and care. This is an elegantissimo book. Our literature’s debt to Taylor, if our culture still cares, is considerable.”
—Leon Wieseltier, New York Times Book Review


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